Anderson man quickly solves McDonald County schools’ bread crisis


ANDERSON, Mo. — An Anderson man has stepped up to help make sure McDonald county students have food on their plates.

His name is Quade Wilson.

And you could say he’s been a bread winner for the school district over the past week.

National labor and supply shortages have caused many companies not to have the resources they need in order to meet normal business. Unfortunately, the McDonald County School District faced this problem.

The district’s food management company “Opaa!” was notified its bread supplier would no longer be providing the company bread.

Hearing this, the district’s milk vendor Quade Wilson started making calls. Wilson partnered with Harris Baking Company out of Rogers, Arkansas, bought a new truck, and will now be providing bread to every school in the district.

“I was actually having a conversation over at Anderson Elementary with my kitchen manager and Quade was there, he overheard me say something about we were looking for someone to deliver bread for us, and he very gently said ‘You know what I might be able to help you with that,'” said Janie Daugherty, McDonald County School District Director of Nutrition.

“My own kids being there, plus we’re very involved in our community, we just wanted to fill a position, fill a void that was needed before they couldn’t feed the children,” said Quade Wilson, Rubio LLC Manager.

“Opaa!” presented wilson with a service award Thursday afternoon.

The first bread shipments are expected to start going out for distribution on Friday throughout the weekend.

The bread service will go on to help feed approximately 35 hundred kids in the district.

The school system offers three meals, so this could end helping close to 10.5 thousand meals a day.

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