An Oklahoma man has been bringing joy to patients in a hospital for years


OKLAHOMA – In tonight’s dose of good news… One man has been spreading joy at an Oklahoma hospital for more than 2 decades.

Now his coworkers are paying it forward, showing him how much they love him and love working with him.

Not all heroes wear capes, but this one wears an apron and a mask, but not the usual mask you’d see on a super hero.

Darrell Redrick has always been a super man, but he just started wearing his costume to work about 4 months ago.

And he’ll remember today, too.

Bethany Hamilton is Darrell’s supervisor, and she nominated him for Pay It 4Ward.

So once a month, they pick a day, and only a few staff members know when Darrell transforms into character and shares his biggest super power of all, his smile.

Darrell’s ben a dishwasher at the hospital for 24 years, and today he’s the one being surprised with $400 from First Fidelity Bank.

Darrell rides his bike to work most days, and his coworkers say it’s about time for a new one.

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