ARKANSAS – In tonight’s dose of good news… Imagine the challenges of living your daily life, if you look just like Prince Harry!

He’s the royal replica that’s captivated TikTok… More than 7,000,000 people viewing the video of his daughter dubbing him “Prince Harry.”

But that’s not the Duke of Sussex and this definitely isn’t Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.

His name is Kevin Ganus and he’s a teacher and soccer coach in Arkansas.

“A lot of people call me the Walmart version which is always funny.” Says Kevin.

Others slightly more suspicious.

“Some people thought it was Meghan Markle’s account like thought she had started an account I read so many comments that were like I thought this was Meghan’s account.” Says Kevin’s wife.

But it’s not just on TikTok.

“My parents lived in London and I would go visit them and I would get stopped regularly. One time I was in the airport and this lady was really staring me down. I think she just wanted to make sure I wasn’t Prince Harry walking around the airport.” Says Kevin.

Kevin and the Duke of Sussex sharing more than just a resemblance.

“Kevin’s dad’s name is Charles also.” Says Kevin’s wife.

“I know. I know. // one of the comments said Charles has some explaining to do.” Says Kevin.

And while we’re talking similarities…

“If you’re basically Prince Harry, and you’re his wife and I’m doing the interview, does that make me Orpah? Am I the Orpah in this?” Says Will (the reporter).

“You are Orpah.” Says Kevin.

“That makes me Meghan Markle so yes!” Says Kevin’s wife.

Will asked if he’s considering joining a cameo as a Prince Harry impersonator or if he’s make birthday party appearances as the Duke of Sussex, but he says he can’t! His Arkansas accent gets in the way of a proper British accent.