An Arkansas man brings his horse to a nursing home to brighten everyone’s day


HARRISON, AR – In today’s dose of good news… Over the last year and a half, residents at nursing homes and assisted living centers have missed out on numerous life events.

But one Arkansas man decided to take the situation by the reins, and bring some much needed joy to those at a nursing home in Harrison.

“Well, they said ‘is it real horses Cindy?’ and I said it’s real horses. So, they’re excited. Something different for them. They deserve it.” Says Cindy Stone, Activity Director Hillcrest Nursing Home.

“We have been so closed in for so long that this is great. It’s been a hard twelve months, but we’ve made the best of it here. We’ve had parades, before, out here and this horse show is going to be something else for today.” Says Stone.

“For the past twelve months, they couldn’t do anything. You could look through the window maybe a little bit and see them, but now they get to get out and touch a horse.” Says Fred Woehl, Mustang Owner.

“I can share a cowboy poem with them, I can share a story with them. They can get up close, I mean, it’s just incredible.” Says Woehl.

“One of the good things about doing this type of thing is sharing horses. There is a connection. It’s one of those things to where they touch, they feel, they smell, and it’s just one of those things.” Says Woehl.

“One of the last homes I went to, there was a woman that was a hundred and three. And she wanted to ride Blue. And so, uh (laughs) Blue gave a hundred and three-year-old a horseback ride. So that was pretty cool.” Says Woehl

“And the reason I do this is to see the look in their eyes. To see they touch, when they touch. To see that smile on their face. To have somebody here with a horse, that they can touch, they can pet, they can smell, it just makes me, touches my heart I guess. If I’m not real careful, I’ll probably get a tear in a minute.” Says Woehl.

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