An Ape in Florida celebrates his 48th birthday, exceeding the life expectancy for his species


FLORIDA – In today’s dose of good news… It wasn’t Father’s Day that had everyone excited at ZooWorld in Florida this weekend. One of their crowd favorites, Ike, the siamang ape, celebrated his birthday.

48 years might not sound old, but for this ape it means he’s one of the oldest apes in the world. At 48, Ike has outlived his life expectancy by 8 years.

“He’s well-beyond his days here but that just means he’s living a great life and being well-taken care of so that’s why he’s living so long.” Says Kristyn Oliver, Senior Keeper at ZooWorld.

Ike was born at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, but he’s spent most of his life here at ZooWorld in Panama City beach. ZooWorld got Ike in 1992.

“He’s a good old lazy man whose favorite past-time is just hanging out, lounging in his hammock but he’s a big sweetheart and he’s a crowd-favorite here at the zoo.” Says Erika Newell, Curator of Animal Care.

But don’t think he spent all these years just monkeying around.

“He is Hugh Hefner because his girlfriend is a whopping 8 years old… so he is living his best life.” Says Oliver.

And just like a human would, Ike received presents for his birthday. As you can see in the video above he hasn’t opened them yet but I’m sure he’ll be super happy whenever he opens up his cantaloupe watermelon, and his favorite grapes.

And zoo visitors got in on the fun.

“I have party hats for everybody and I have special snacks so you can take a party favor home it’s food so everyone loves food.” Says Oliver.

Friends, a cake, and a crowd full of people singing Happy Birthday. What a great way to spend 48.

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