An 81 year-old woman jumped from the OB Pier in San Diego


SAN DIEGO, CA – In tonight’s dose of good news… A San Diego tradition came splashing back today!

Junior lifeguards, taking the plunge off the OB Pier.

But today, there was a twist on the San Diego Tradition.

It’s a leap 81 years in the making and according to the Prevent Drowning Foundation, Susan Norman will be their first Octogenarian to make the plug.

“I like to do things like this. I mean, I like it, but it makes me somewhat nervous to know if I could do it because I haven’t done anything in so many years.” Says Susan Norman, Jumper.

But Norman is no ordinary grandmother, the Iron Man athlete and triathlete competitor has had a lifetime of races raced and even won.

Now she wants to share a pier jump with her whole family.

“This is Noah and this is Calvin.” Says Norman.

They didn’t think their grandma would jump into the pier with them.

Noah and Calvin are seasoned Jr. Lifeguards and when their grandmother told them she was joining in…

“I was shocked! Because she’s old!” Says Noah.

And just before the plunge Noah had a little last minute advice for his grandmother.

“Just don’t put your arms out to where your arms will sting probably for the rest of your life!” Says Noah.

“Oh yeah, don’t go like this…go like this!” Says Norman.

That was a nice re-entry from Norman.

About 600 people jumped the pier. Some of those folks paid $100 to the Drowning Prevention Foundation, to continue the efforts of educating people on how to handle the ocean.

There will be another jump next month.

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