America’s motto “In God We Trust” celebrates its 65th anniversary


MINDENMINES, MO – A piece of our national history will celebrate an anniversary on Friday.

Our country’s motto, “In God We Trust,” turns 65.

Today was “In God We Trust Day” in Mindenmines.

“History lingers, the study of coins is basically the study of history.” Says Dave Sorrick, In God We Trust LLC Owner.

For Bordertown Auction House in Mindenmines, this study is celebrating a big milestone in American history.

“We’re honoring the 65th anniversary of the signing of the law by President Eisenhower that made ‘In God We Trust,’ our national motto.” Says Sorrick.

A motto which continues to have a legacy to this day.

It’s gone on to inspire another business in Mindenmines, “In God We Trust, LLC,” which specialized in coins and precious metals.

“Part of that legislation led to in ‘In God We Trust,’ on our currency which now means all of our money that’s made in the United States, both coins and currency bares that motto.” Says Sorrick.

Through the years it’s helped inspire a generation of collectors.

Even now, people are uncovering coins they have collected over the years, remembering the memories that come with it.

“It’s significant in this time of change to hold onto some of that history.” Says Sorrick.

“I was a paperboy when I was probably 10 years old, I’d go around and collect the money for the papers. And from then, I had an uncle that had a lot of coins and he’d take me to auctions. I’d always be interested in the coins that were for sale.” Says Lyman Burr, Coin Collector.

There might even be a welcomed surprise for people looking to sell their collections.

“You discover is you regret you didn’t buy more when you were 10 years old because nowadays they’re worth a lot more than they were at that point.” Says Burr.

But for some, it’s a collection of pride, history, and togetherness.

“There’s coin shows and gatherings and all kinds of fun things to do with the hobby and really that the focus of what we do.” Says Sorrick.

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