Ambulances in Baxter Springs will soon change the way they operate


BAXTER SPRINGS, KS – Some ambulances in Cherokee County will soon change how they operate. Specifically we’re talking about Baxter Springs.

The county will soon operate under a singular ambulance organization.

This comes after weeks of discussions on what to do with county funds.

And the main goal is to make sure they serve the community as efficiently as possible.

“People, of course they’re concerned about an ambulance not getting there on time. The only thing that’s going to happen is that the service is going to get quicker and better response.” Says Russ Harper, Baxter Springs Chief of Police.

Recently Cherokee County commissioners voted to discontinue funds to Cherokee County Ambulance District 3.

“The commission decided to move to one ambulance service operating three stations in the county.” Says Doug Mogle, Cherokee County Ambulance Assoc. Service Director.

Instead, ambulance districts one and two, based in Columbus and Galena, will be taking over ambulance operations in the county.

“By moving to one board overseeing the entire operation, I think we can make it more efficient and better for the citizens of Cherokee County.” Says Mogle.

“One guise, one board, one subsidy, they can exchange personnel, they can exchange equipment, they got Galena, Columbus and Baxter now, all with the same staff.” Says Harper.

Baxter Springs citizens won’t need to worry about response times changing.

Cherokee County still plans on maintaining an ambulance unit in the city.

“There will be two ambulances stationed in Baxter Springs, one staffed 24/7 and anticipate working closely with Baxter Fire and Police to first respond and assist us.” Says Mogle.

“We have to work closely, because officers are always the first responders to the scene, any kind of EMS scene, we’re going to be the first ones there, so we take a lot of pride working closely with the ambulance service.” Says Harper.

Funding will shift beginning on October 1st.

“These are our families and our friends, whether you’re living in the Southeast corner of the county, or Northwest corner of the county, we want to do things and help everyone that we possibly can with the limited resources we have.” Says Mogle.

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