Alpha Air Center brings back ground school class sessions


A local air company is giving those interested in becoming pilots an alternative way to get their license.

Alpha Air Center has brought back their ground school class sessions to help future pilots get ready for their exams.

“What you’re doing is your preparing for a written test that you have to take before you go for what’s called your practical checkride, where there is an oral examination if you will. So questions and answers with an examiner whenever you’re on actually go for your license,” says Josh Crooker, Alpha Air Center General Manager.

Students can take every course or pick and choose in topics that they struggle in.

“Allows for a lot of interaction and maybe some questions you didn’t think of and some people are afraid to ask or not sure. So things that you can collaborate with a bunch of different people, see different perspectives, and get an idea of the topic from a different angle,” says Josh Crooker.

This is to make it easier for those trying to get their license. Each session discusses different topics in aviation like weather, communications, and weight and balance, the response for the return of these courses has been pretty positive so far with one of the instructors excited for a new challenge in the way he teaches.

“I am looking forward to teaching the classes. I mostly do one on one with the students so this will be a good opportunity to me be in front of six or seven people and really teach the class to a big group kinda see what it’s like,” says Logan Bryan, an instructor.

Residents interested in the ground school courses can still attend the rest of the classes. The next session will be at Alpha Air Center on Monday.

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