Alliance of SWMO teams up with Highway Patrol to promote child passenger safety


The Alliance of Southwest Missouri and the Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop D are working together to remind all parents and other adults responsible for children, to buckle up and install a child safety seat properly.

“The biggest consequence of not having a child restraint in a proper car seat is ejection during a roll-over or high-impact crash,” explained Alliance Executive Director Jen Black. “So, we want to make sure the child is securely attached to the car and that it’s the safest for them to be. The other component is airbags. So airbags are fantastic, but they come out at a high speed and to hit a child at that high rate is very dangerous.”

Troopers say a common mistake they see are parents not knowing how the car seat should be positioned.

“We find people all the time whenever we look at that car seat, or we see how the child is positioned in the vehicle,” added Highway Patrol Sergeant John Leuckenhoff. “People may just don’t know, and that’s where those educational programs that the Alliance puts on as well as those traffic stops — we can help those people better protect their children.”

According to the Alliance, they say that children between the ages of birth to 8 should be placed in a car seat in the middle of the back seat.

“So by having that car seat in the middle position in the back seat, it reduces serious injury in an accident by 46 percent,” Black explained.

To prevent these injuries from happening, the Alliance is hosting a free hands-on class for parents to learn about car seat safety.

“At the workshop, it’s about 30 to 40 minutes of classroom time where we are just going over each seat itself and the safety mechanism for each seat,” Black added. “So, there’s multiple types of car seats for different age groups, so parents are learning all of those as kids graduate up to different seats.”

The Alliance of Southwest Missouri car seat safety workshop will occur next Thursday, September 19th.

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