Alliance of SWMO educates young drivers


SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — For many decades there has been a decrease in offering teens driving safety courses.

Because of this, many do not know the fundamentals of driving.

The Alliance Of Southwest Missouri would go to schools and give teens lessons about the dangers of distracted driving.

As they were giving these lessons, they learned several students didn’t know the basics of the road.

Christine Boyd of The Alliance Of Southwest Missouri said, “The lesson was to teach them about not drinking and driving not texting but they were very distracted on not even understanding how to drive.”

Many members at the Alliance Of Southwest Missouri were concerned about teens not knowing the fundamentals of driving.

“A lot of times there attention went straight off to well I don’t know how to make this turn, I don’t know what to do.”

For several decades, schools have not been offering driver’s ed classes in the four states area.

Stan Taylor a drivers education instructor said, “There’s a huge increase in cost for school’s to operate, for the cars if they can’t get one loan or given to them. The insurance, the liability and then the instruction is all costly.”

Starting November 21st The Alliance will be stepping up to the plate and providing driving lessons for the community.

“We want to keep kids safe, we want to prevent injuries, we want to prevent accidents so being able to offer this to the community to teens, to parents is just a huge thing,” said Boyd.

An instructor will provide a car to use and teach students the fundamentals.

“We do lane changes, we do turn arounds, country driving, and freeway driving all of those are a lesson within themselves because you need to have several repetitions on that to make it better and make them more comfortable with it,” said Taylor.

“Let’s get the basic knowledge, let’s get the foundation for these kids and then hopefully within that same foundation we are also building the whole safety factor as well,” said Boyd

The class is available to anyone who has passed their written driver’s test.

The Alliance of SWMO website can be accessed here.

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