Allergy Season


   “Once the pollen starts going and people start cutting their grass my throat gets super itchy. My eyes water out of control and get really puffy. It’s gross.”

    Joplin resident Kelley McFadin moved from washington state to joplin and it was the first time she experienced seasonal allergies.

   “I guess that there’s a lot of stuff that you guys have here during this time of year that is just being released that we don’t have over there. So my first year here it was horrible.” says McFadin

   She like many people across the u.S. Dread this time of year as pollen from trees, flowers, and grass moves trough the air.

    “It’s a reaction and it’s an exaggerated response to something that your body sees as foreign which usually would be something like a pathogen or a bacteria, but in this case  your body immune reaction that pollen.” says pharmacist Desirae Sweet

    This leads to something similar to a cold.

    “Some common symptoms are going to be runny, itchy eyes, runny nose. Some times people feel congestion.” says Sweet

   Those dealing with allergies can take a prescription or over-the-counter medicine like nasal sprays, antihistamines, or saline rinses. And if that isn’t a desired route, taking extra precautions can lead to an easier season.

  “If you’re allergic to watch the pollen count days. And if you want to be outside just be, ya know, be mindful of that. And if you’re going to be outside on a day that does have a high pollen count, when you come inside you change your cloths, you take a shower, you wash your face.” says Sweet

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