Allen Shirley appointed to new term on Missouri State Advisory Council



A Joplin man will be making sure local historic buildings will be getting attention at the capitol. He’s been appointed to a new term on the State Advisory Council.

The governor appointed Allen Shirley to serve on the Missouri Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. It means vetting historic projects around the state and taking part in quarterly meetings at the capitol. He says it’s good for local projects like the Gryphon Building or the Bonnie & Clyde Apartment to have someone from Joplin on the board.

Allen Shirley, MO Historic Pres. Council: “I tell people I’m the highest paid volunteer in the place, which means you get paid nothing for doing it. But we enjoy it for the sheer love of preserving history.”

He also serves on the boards of the Joplin Museum and Civil War Era Rader Farm. Shirley was first appointed to the council ten years ago. This latest term will add two more years to the total, serving alongside members from the St. Louis area, Cape Girardeau, Appleton City, and Fayette, Missouri.

He’ll have a couple of months to get ready for the next meeting in August.

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