All in a Day’s Work: Young man doesn’t let anything stop him from working on family farm


A young Southwest Missouri man is helping to keep the family farm running, without letting a disability stop him.

Noah Schiltz was diagnosed with Centronuclear Myopathy when he was 12 years old. It means his muscles don’t function normally, but he isn’t letting that stop him from working on the family farm. He feeds, waters, and hays his goats every day, preparing to show them and then sell them. His positive outlook is something he says came straight from the farm itself.

“A lot of kids today, if they could spend time on a farm for a week, they would learn a lot stuff just about life. Just watching life, and God’s creation, that’s the biggest thing for me,” says Noah Schiltz.

Next, Noah hopes to get a separate paying job somewhere in addition to working on the farm.

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