PITTSBURG, Ks. — A multi-tenant facility in Pittsburg is providing an abundance of resources the community needs under one roof.

Brad Snow, Preisdent, All Aboard Foundation, said, “Our executive team took a look at our company and said we are industrial leaders, industry leaders, are we community leaders?”

In 2015, Watco Companies started the All Aboard Foundation to be involved in the communities they serve.

“We wanted to make as many services as we could available under one roof.”

That’s how the all aboard center in Pittsburg started.

“We have the City of Pittsburg Housing Authority, we have Southeast Kansas works which means if you need a house, you probably need a job, so those two go together, we have adult based education.”

Jamie Collier, GED Educator, All Aboard Center, said, “What I do is teach GED classes for students that didn’t get to complete high school.”

“We try to get our tenants in here to collaborate all the time,” said Snow.

“A lot of the students I have also have to go to Kansas Works, or they also have to go to HUD, you know all these resources are here so you can just go to one place,” said Collier.

“The real heroes in this building are the people that work in it everyday,” said Snow.

And it’s work he takes very seriously.

“Cause I just have a passion to help people,” said Snow

And the foundation plans to continue helping, by bridging the gap between accessibility, affordability, and collaboration under one roof