ALICE active shooter training takes place at NEO


NORTHEAST OKLAHOMA — In an active shooter situation, every second matters when it comes to getting to safety.

And that lesson was taught to NEO students today by their campus police.

Today the college held an active shooter training and education course, highlighting what steps students can take if they are ever face-to-face with that situation.

Instructors explained to use the acronym ALICE if they are ever in a situation, which stands for alert, lock-down, inform, counter, and evacuate.

One of the main goals of today’s lesson was to teach students how to protect themselves before emergency personnel arrives.

Because often times, mass shootings end before help can arrive on the scene.

Mark Wall with NEO Police said, “This will give them some tools to use if it happens, because law enforcement will be trying to locate the shooter or the assailant and this will give the students and faculty some tools to use to make themselves safer.”

Wall adds it’s important to stay up-to-date on safety procedures.

He’s been in law enforcement for many years and the protocol has changed numerous times for responses to shootings.

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