Alba starts its own neighborhood watch


A Southwest Missouri town has started its own neighborhood watch patrol with the help of the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office.

“The main purpose of a neighborhood watch is get to know your community,” says Sgt. Tim Williams.

Sergeant Tim Williams of the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office has helped in implementing several neighborhood watch programs in Southwest Missouri— including in Alba.

“That’s what we are wanting to establish is getting an open line of communication,” says Sgt. Tim Williams.

“It’s a very good idea. We’ve tried it one other time, but it never held through and I’m hoping this time it does,” says Nancy Stephenson.

The neighborhood watch focuses on getting the community to know each other better-

“It’s a very small community, you get to know each other most of the time,” says Stephenson.

And get to know the concerns of the town.

“Part of that is I’ve been going door-to-door doing some neighborhood policing out here, going door-to-door, talking to people,” says Sgt. Tim Williams.

One of the biggest complaints in Alba- 

“Just like any other small community, speeding,” says Sgt. Tim Williams.

“Some of it in the residential part, yes very much so,” says Nancy Stephenson.

So, the sheriff’s office is working on more solutions.

“Whenever we hear several areas, common areas saying there is speeding during this time frame then we try to have officers in those areas during those time frames to put a stop to that speeding,” says Sgt. Williams.

Two other neighborhood patrols have begun in the area since the program started in Alba, and Sergeant Williams says they are proving to be effective.

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