Air travelers have more options when flying out of “Joplin Regional Airport”


JOPLIN, MO – Air travelers have more options when it comes to flying out of the “Joplin Regional Airport.”

For the first time since the mid 90’s, folks can fly directly out of Joplin to three separate hubs.

Chicago, Denver, and Houston through “SkyWest Airlines.”

The flight this morning from Chicago received the traditional water salute reserved for new airline service.

Airport manager Steve Stockam says the new options benefit both local residents and visitors to the four states.

A good example is New Jersey-native Jodi Bird, who used the service to visit her daughter who lives in Pittsburg.

“We would do that, definitely do it again it was nice.” Says bird.

Stuart Price, Reporting, “Was it cheaper to do this?”

“Yes, it was, by a couple hundred dollars it was.” Says Bird.

“That first flight from Chicago had 23 people on it, well, those people were from somewhere else in the country or the world, and so for them to come in on the very first flight was extremely interesting to me to know our message is getting out, people are understanding how to get to Joplin.” Says Stockam.

The airport’s contract with “SkyWest” through “United Express” runs through May of 2024.

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