Agreement between PSU and KU will allow students to get their Master’s Degree in social work without leaving PSU campus


PITTSBURG, Kans. — One of the reasons people get into the field of social work is to help others going through a difficult time in their lives. Thanks to a new agreement between P.S.U. And the University of Kansas, people with Bachelor’s degrees in a subject other than social work, can get their Master’s degree in that field.

Through this program, students can earn a graduate certificate in two semesters, and then a Master’s two semesters later. Prior to this agreement, Dr. Kristen Kumphrey says people would end up getting a second Bachelor’s degree before going on to grad school.

“This allows them to get a Master’s degree, which opens up even more possibilities, so that’s the bulk of the people that are interested in that program are people who’ve gotten a degree in a related field but aren’t able to do the work they really want to do, and they want to be licensed,” said Dr. Kristen Humphrey, PSU Social Work Program Director.

The first year of the new program is through P.S.U., with the second year through the K.U. School of Welfare, allowing them to get a masters through K.U. Without ever leaving the P.S.U. Campus.

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