Afton Community Health Center is celebrating its new home. The facility is now located at 21965 Bison Drive in Afton.

CEO Patrick Peer says this has been a process they’ve been working on since 2009. Before moving into the new building they were housed with Grand Lake Mental Health and now they are operating independently. 

Peer believes the community health centers have such a big presence in communities with more than 1900 nationwide and 20 in the state of Oklahoma. Their facility is a viable part of what community based medicine should be for residents in the community.

“So patients who may be uninsured or underinsured come to the community health center insured patients can come here as well..we see a fairly large medicare population, medicaid population and recently we’ve been awarded contracts through the veterans administration to be able to see veterans,” says Patrick Peer.

Peer adds in the future they are working to open an additional site in Vinita by the end of the year.