After the Jasper County election on Tuesday, every single vote is important


JASPER COUNTY, MO – Elections in Jasper County on Tuesday gave a whole new meaning to the saying “every vote counts.”

It’s often said, when it comes to elections, every vote counts.

And every one certainly did on Tuesday in two Jasper County communities.

First, Carthage.

After one unsuccessful attempt to pass a use-tax for the city, voters approved the measure by a mere 6 votes.

“If you look at the breakdown in numbers, it failed in four precincts but Carthage Five actually propelled it across the finish line to winning because they had a larger yes vote in that precinct, so absolutely, one vote, one voice does matter in these elections especially when there’s a low turnout like we saw yesterday.” Says Charlie Davis, Jasper County Clerk.

At stake was an estimated $740,000 in tax revenue that Greg Dagnan says will benefit the city of Carthage and those who live there when residents purchase items on line from outside the state of Missouri.

“Like all other sales taxes it’s infinity, you know, we’ll get it for ever, but for the first three years they wanted 40% to be spent on parks, 30% on public safety and 30% on infrastructure like streets, bridges etc.” Says Greg Dagnan, Carthage Assistant City Administrator.

One of the issues on the ballot yesterday was there because the last time it was on the ballot, not a single person went out and voted.

This time 4 people in La Russell cast ballots, all in favor of their town joining the Avilla Fire Protection District.

“Or this special election that a lot of times bond issues or sales tax issues are on them, most people don’t necessarily think that it’s a sexy topic in an off year, August, election but it is absolutely imperative for people to understand that these elections are the ones that affect your pocket book.” Davis says.

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