After nearly two years a 12-year-old girl with Cystic Fibrosis is getting her wish granted


CARTHAGE, Mo. — After nearly two years a 12-year-old girl with Cystic Fibrosis is getting her wish granted.

Paige Talbott’s family is celebrating her new backyard makeover.

Paige Talbott, Wish Granted, says, “I spent the night out here about twice already.”

Paige Talbott was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when she was two weeks old.

In November 2019, she asked Make-A-Wish Foundation for a trip to Hawaii, but Coronavirus changed her plans.

Chad Baker, Wish Granter with Make-A-Wish Missouri and Kansas, says, “With Covid and having to redirect travel she changed her mind and wanted a space to play games and a space to her and her family to hangout.”

So Make-A-Wish started renovating the backyard in February taking out trees and leveling the ground.

Ozark installation leveled their yard, and Lowe’s came in with a new fence.

They added a soccer net and volleyball net so she had a safe space to play with family and friends.

Paige also has a shed complete with furniture, air conditioning, refrigerator and a tv.

“I feel happy, because I can use this a lot more.”

“We can be away from parents. Its like my own house. Except I don’t really have to pay for anything still.”

“its like I have a normal life, without CF.”

This is one of the first times over the past two year’s that Paige has been able to hangout with friends and family.

Chelsea Talbott, Paige’s Mom, says, “Seeing Paige come out of her shell and want to play volleyball and not be in a state of a bit of depression because she had to isolate and quarantine so much. So this has made a huge impact and its wonderful to see her come back to be excited about something.”

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