After being in isolation for over a year, a group of seniors is getting together to stay active


NEW YORK CITY, NY – In tonight’s dose of good news… After spending more than a year in isolation, a dance class is getting seniors in one New York City neighborhood active again.

But it’s also doing more than getting them to exercise.

The seniors of the Queensbridge Houses get moving every Monday morning with a little one-two step.

They only get to see each other once a week in this environment, but it leaves a lasting impact.

“The movement, feeling normal again. Just the body movements and everything get to me because I love it without it, I’d be nothing.” Says Marion Jeffries, Queensbridge Houses.

The hour-long class designates time for the whole body, even the hands for finger mobility.

“It’s great for people who have arthritis or joint pain. Continuing to move really aids the senior population in being limber and being able to get around by themselves.” Says Rebecca Hite, Instructor, Movement Speaks.

On top of getting them active, it brings them outdoors for some fresh air.

And then there’s the social part, being able to see their friends or make new ones after spending more than a year in isolation.

“Most of us have been housebound for a long, long time and coming out to these exercise classes we meet up with some of our old friends again and it’s really good to see them again.” Says Jeffries.

And the socializing aspect doesn’t only stay within the class. It happens after class too, where they share laughs and form friendships.

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