After a record year, one business is struggling in 2021


JOPLIN, Mo. — Coming off of their best year yet, one business is already finding that 2021 is going to be a struggle.

With peoples’ yearly vacations canceled due to the covid-19 pandemic, the RV business saw booming numbers in 2020. But now — many of these businesses like Wheelen RV Center, Inc. Are already seeing a drop off in 2021.

Sheri Wheelen – Wheelen RV Center, Inc. Owner, said, “This year we’re faced with the fact that the whole supply chain has broken down.”

From a dining area, to a bedroom, these RV’s have everything that one needs. But it’s the essentials that are hard to come by right now.

Darlene Jarvis – Parts And Service Manager, said, “All the manufacturers are behind because of the pandemic, so it just makes it hard to get parts for everybody.”

Darlene Jarvis says the lack of appliances isn’t just frustrating for them but the customers too.

“When you tell somebody it’s because of the pandemic, they’re tired of hearing that excuse, but unfortunately it is because of the pandemic. Most of the RV manufacturers, or the appliance manufacturers closed down for Covid when we didn’t, we kept going, so the parts that were available were depleted very quickly by us.”

The situation has also affected the amount of RV listings.

Sheri Wheelen, said, “Now, since we’re an exclusive Lance dealer, it’s just difficult to get the product. Usually I’ll have six to eight coming in every month, and I’ve got six scheduled so far for the rest of, through the first quarter.”

With few RV’s scheduled to come into the dealership Wheelen says they’re going to have to change with the times.

“We’re all gonna have to adapt. We’re gonna have to focus more on service and parts, taking care of our customers after the sale, that’s gonna be the big thing that’s going to make a big difference for us in the next six months probably.”

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