After a horrific accident — a father is fighting for his son


TOPEKA, Ks. — After a horrific accident–a father is fighting for his son.

A Kansas man’s son was sitting on the back of a pickup, when he fell off and lost consciousness.

But when the father took him to the hospital–they put him in foster care.

A new bill lawmakers are considering may help him.

The state took Tobin Hoffman’s son away last April. He says it was an accident. However – the state says otherwise.

Tobin Hoffman was working on his families farm in Coffey County when his four month old son fell off the back of a truck.

Tobin Hoffman, Son in Foster Care System, said, “We were out helping family work on fence for the cattle season and he fell out of the pickup onto the pasture, the pickup wasn’t moving. We picked him up and he lost consciousness.”

From there his son was taken to the hospital – where they were told he was suffering from a brain bleed.

The state placed the child in foster care.

“It was very traumatizing. I am so scared to, if I have another kid, to take him to any hospital or any medical industry or even any school because I feel like they’re going to take my child away again. And I still have not gotten my child back yet.”

Hoffman and his family have invested almost $140,000 in attorney fees to get their son back.

Hoffman is hopeful a bill that lawmakers are considering may help his efforts.

The bill would create an oversight committee to look over the state’s foster care system.

State foster care leaders say they don’t have enough information on the bill to give a comment.

Senator Molly Baumgardner has advocated for bettering the foster care system this legislative session.

Sen. Molly Baumgardner, R-Louisburg, said, “We have to constantly be advocating for these kids. We know foster parents are advocating, we know that DCF cares about these kids-it’s a part of their job- but we have to, we need to get a larger umbrella so that more groups are working actively to help foster kids.”

The bill has bounced back and forth from two house committees. Now – it is just a matter of whether one of them holds a hearing.

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