After 71 years of being MIA, a U.S. Korean War Veteran finally gets laid to rest peacefully


REEDS, MO – 71 years after being killed in action, one Korean War Veteran finally gets the funeral he deserves.

“Everyone liked him, he was a well liked guy, all of his family loved him.” Says Connie Hoover, Lloyd Alumbaugh’s niece.

Sergeant Lloyd Alumbaugh went missing in action during the battle of Chosin Reservoir back in 1950 during the Korean War.

Now, 71 years later, more than 100 people, including the Warrior Watch Riders, came out to see the former Jasper County resident be laid to rest.

“We came out here to pay honor to Mr. Alumbaugh, and to pay respects to the family for his service in the Korean War.” Says Kent McGregor, Warrior Watch Riders Greater Ozark Area State Coordinator.

And it wouldn’t have been possible without former President Donald Trump, who went to North Korea back in 2018 for a summit with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, and retrieved the remains of 55 U.S. soldiers from the Korean War.

“It was a big thing to you know hear about him all my life, and then to finally know for sure, because he had been missing in action, that he was found through DNA and that they could return what they had.” Says Hoover.

And with his remains now returned to the four state area, McGregor says they couldn’t be more thankful to attend.

“Anytime that we get a chance to honor a veteran, or first responder, and to pay tribute to them and their families and stuff like that, it’s an honor for us.” Says McGregor.

“It was just awesome to see so many people here that wanted to honor our fallen soldiers, and after 71 years to know that he’s returned to the area and can be laid to rest between his mom and dad.” Says Hoover.

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