Adulting 101


As if there aren’t enough classes that college students have to take, what’s the last thing you’d expect one to do? Take a class that doesn’t count for college credit. But that may be exactly what many students should do.

Dillon Henson will graduate this spring from MSSU, so you’d think the last thing he would want to do is take a class that doesn’t count towards graduation. But as busy as he is, he’s already signed up and actually looking forward to taking Adulting 101.

“It’s kind of about things that we don’t have a lot of exposure to especially like the finance thing if you’re not an econ major like me, you don’t really have an idea about how to build credit or really know how to set long term financial plans, so that’s why I really wanted to do it,” says Dillon Henson.

“Students are graduating and they’re really gonna be on their own for the first time so just the basic overview of some skills that all adults have to have, but a lot of them are kind of hard to learn, so kind of give them a little bit gentler introduction to adulting,” says Kayla Reed, MSSU Access Services Librarian.

The first of five classes took place inside the Spiva Library on Monday afternoon. Reed says she got the idea from public libraries that offer similar courses, but she fine tuned it to cater specifically to college students getting ready to leave the parental protective nest.

“And then we’re going physical and mental health, how to take care of yourself, make sure you’re healthy, you know body and mind and then we’re also doing career services, making sure you get a job and then that you keep that job, so we want to make sure we’re preparing our students the best that we can in any way possible,” says Kayla Reed.

Many of the guest speakers for the classes are either MSSU faculty members or graduates. And even if you missed the first class, there will be four more that take place the next four Mondays from 2:30 to 4:30 in Room 418. They are free and open to any MSSU student, graduate, or even employee. For more information just go to the front desk inside the Spiva Library.

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