Adopt A First Responder


FOUR STATE AREA — A local photographer wants to start a new program to show his appreciation for first responders.

Billy Wade created the program Adopt A First Responder and Public Safety In The 4 State Region where he will post a picture of who someone can adopt. This includes dispatchers, police, firefighters, tow operators, and paramedics from several places including McDonald, Newton, Jasper, and Ottawa Counties. The adoptee can send gift cards, donate pre-made dinners or desserts, or anything else they can think of.

Billy Wade, Photographer, said, “I think it’s a blessing really. I always give back to the first responders no matter what I do anyways but seeing people on Facebook, and random walks it makes it all better. It makes it for a better journey and it’s just a humbling thing to see.”

If you are interested in adopting a first responder or public safety officer, follow the link below.

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