ADH: 2 more flu-related deaths reported


This 2005 electron microscope image made available by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows recreated 1918 influenza virions that were collected from a 1918 cell culture. A century after one of history’s most catastrophic disease outbreaks, scientists are rethinking how to guard against another super-flu like the 1918 influenza that slaughtered tens of millions as it swept the globe in mere months. Although there’s no way to predict what strain of the shape-shifting flu virus could trigger another pandemic, researchers hope they’re finally closing in on stronger flu shots, which would boost much-needed protection against ordinary winter influenza and guard against future pandemics at the same time. (Cynthia Goldsmith/CDC via AP)

ARKANSAS (KNWA) — A total of six people have died from the flu this season for the week ending November 30, according to the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH).

The Centers for Disease Control has reported five pediatric deaths nationally this season.

To date, no nursing homes in Arkansas have reported any deaths due to influenza outbreaks, according to ADH.

“Since September 29, 2019, 1,881 positive influenza tests have been reported to the ADH online database by health care providers, with over 200 positive tests reported this week,” according to the report.

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