Active Shooter Drill


  Agencies across the joplin area come together to prepare for a potential emergency.

   The Joplin Police Department, Fire Department, Metro Emergency Transport System, Newton County Ambulance District, and Emergency Managers came to the old Joplin Public Library to practice an active shooter drill. One of the tools the groups want to focus on includes communication between the multiple organizations. Each organization had specific tasks during the simulation with ems attending to the fake injuries the civilian actors had during the drill.

  “Ya know it’s something we don’t want ever have to deal with and it’s unfortunate that we have to plan for this or train for this, but the reality is it happens. we just want to make sure that we’re prepared and ready to respond should the need arise.” says EMS Chief Jason Smith 

   Department leaders will come together later to discuss what they did well during the drill and what they can improve on in the future.

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