According to a new property assessment report, Jasper County is growing


JASPER COUNTY, MO – Jasper County is growing. A new property assessment report shows 2020 with a big increase.

Jasper County totals more than $1,900,000,000 in assessed valuation.

That’s up by more than $150,000,000 from 2019.

Residential property makes up the biggest share of the increase, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a big impact on your tax bill.

“Lot of people say that means my property tax is going to go up. Well when property tax value goes up because of the Hancock Amendment we have to roll back our levy to what the consumer price index increase is. So this year is 1.4%, so we’re going to have to roll back our levies.” Says Charlie Davis, Jasper Co. Clerk.

The report covers everything from homes and commercial buildings to livestock, from machinery, and airplanes.

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