Able Manufacturing sees company growth after rail industry comeback


Joplin’s Able Manufacturing & Assembly decided a few years ago to diversify their product line of metal and fiberglass composite products.

And if employment is an accurate gauge, it was the right decision.

As recently as 2016, there were only a handful of employees at Able Manufacturing, but since that time, there are now 300, and with existing contracts, that number will increase to 350 by next spring.

The company now produces pre-fabricated products for agriculture, the military, construction, wind and the rail industry.

“We’re proud for Able and Joplin to be awarded a significant part in producing the first high-speed train in the United States,” explained Able president Rick Grise. “The route will go from Washington D.C. to Boston, to Philadelphia, and then on to New York City.”

And you might be surprised to learn why the mass transit portion of the company, as well as the entire rail industry, is experiencing a comeback. Credit Millennials.

“Amtrak has been aware of this and has made a significant investment in revitalizing their trains all across the country, so it’s one of our fastest growing market segments right now in our company,” said Grise.

Producing parts for the wind industry is also a growing market for able, both in the US and in Europe.

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