The abandoned site of the B.F. Goodrich Plant in Miami that closed more than 30 years ago is now getting some much needed attention. 

The site of the former tire manufacturing plant will be getting cleaned up by the EPA. EPA officials are set to begin the $2.9 million project to clean up asbestos on the property starting Friday. There will be several phases they work on. The first is expected to take three months and will target debris piles left on the foundation from the former owner who filed for bankruptcy back in 2014. In addition, EPA officials will take down two sustainable buildings containing asbestos. 

“Clearly been a concern for the residences that live nearby. We’ve got three schools literally right on the eastern perimeter of the site that’s obviously a big concern for the EPA and ODEQ. There’s residents that live right across the street also so we don’t want this material out there,” says Mike McAteer, EPA On-Scene Coordinator. 

EPA officials are hoping to get the former owners to help offset some costs in the future. The second phase they are hoping to conduct includes working on the powerhouse building with asbestos pipe that needs to be cleaned up. Once all the phases are complete, the land could be used by the city in the future.