A Yearly Tradition Brings People from Across the Country to Granby


Granby, MO

Visitors from across the Four States and the country head to Granby for an annual tradition.

Granby Parks and Recreation held Old Mining Town Days this weekend offering a variety of activities.
Despite Friday’s weather that canceled a few events, Saturday and Sunday were completely packed with the Lion’s Club 5K, a carnival, and the car and tractor show. New to this weekend celebration was a softball tournament featuring players from across the country.

“This year we have a Micronesian Tournament here and so we’re very happy and proud to have that and there’s 12 teams from all over the United States here.” says Joe Guinn, Granby Parks & Recreation Director

“Yeah everybody just gets together. Main thing is to like have fun and then kind of like get in touch with family that you haven’t seen in a while or you don’t know. That’s one of the main reasons why.” says Donovan Jano, Micronesian Softball Tournament Player

By the end of this weekend’s festivities, more than five thousand people will have come out to Old Mining Town Days.

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