A woman from Southeast Kansas opened her very own therapy center


COLUMBUS, KS – Traveling for hours for healthcare is a major struggle for people in rural communities.

But a Southeast Kansas woman is working to change that.

And she’s returned to her hometown in order to do so.

“When we moved back a few years ago, I wanted to bring a progressive type of healthcare.” Says Susan Campbell, The Max Therapy Center Owner.

More than 20 years ago, Campbell left her hometown of Columbus.

Since then, she’s returned, and on Friday, Campbell officially opened her own therapy center, working on complimenting other resources in the community.

“We love to collaborate with the existing healthcare team of providers and be able to do a holistic approach the patients care.” Says Campbell.

She’s doing this by having every needed therapy under one roof, whether it’s physical, occupational, or telecommunications.

“They can receive all three therapies under one roof in an integrated, holistic model, and so that just means we look at more than just what the condition or the injury is, but we want to send them on a healthcare journey.” Says Campbell.

A journey Campbell says is designed to follow them throughout their lives at any age.

“Having the opportunity to have physical therapy for Walker has really made a difference. He’s doing well but having Susan there to monitor and make sure he’s meeting those developmental milestones has really eased our minds as parents.” Says Amber Marrett, Client.

All in one convenient place, so those long trips won’t need to happen again.

“It’s important to Columbus and I think the whole community. It means we can get the services locally and we don’t have to go to other communities to do that.” Says Grant Spieth, Mayor of Columbus.

“Sometimes the closest facility is in Kansas City and being able to have something local is going to help their life.” Says Campbell.

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