A Woman from Ohio is celebrating her 110th birthday with friends and family


PORTSMOUTH, OH – In tonight’s dose of good news… Friends and family came out to help one woman celebrate her 110th birthday.

For Alma Kahl, this birthday is extra special.

She describes how she feels about celebrating this wonderful time with everybody.

“Oh, my goodness, this is the most precious time of my whole life!” Says Kahl.

Which is saying something, because Alma turns 100 years old today.

“110?? Oh! I must have missed a few!” Says Kahl.

At the hill view retirement center, Alma’s friends and family gathered one after the other to celebrate her and the extraordinary life she’s led.

“When I found out she was here I wanted to be part of it because she’s such a special human being.” Says Suzanne Welch, Former Caretaker and Family Friend.

“It’s an honor, a true honor to have had her in my life all these years.” Says Carol Sue Edwards, Alma’s Niece.

Born July 6th, 1911 in Montgomery, West Virginia, Alma went on to do so many things. While at West Virginia University, she was crowned Miss West Virginia University Beauty Queen.

She went on to travel the world, and even met the Queen of England.

“Oh I think God loved me more than anybody and he took care of me.” Says Kahl.

One major thing Alma attributes her longevity to, are Hershey Kisses!

“Oh my goodness, if I hadn’t a had em, I never would have made it.” Says Kahl.

But now, friends and family gather to celebrate the fact that she has, and as for Alma herself, she feels great.

“Oh like a million dollars!” Says Kahl.

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