A Vietnam Helicopter in Neosho was moved to a more open space


NEOSHO, MO – One landmark that’s been in Neosho for 20 years made a big move today.

After weeks of refurbishing, a Vietnam helicopter that used to stand in Morse Park, was police escorted from 215 Wheeler St. to the “VFW Post 4142” in Neosho.

The idea of moving the helicopter was so that it would be in an area that’s more visible to the public.

During the refurbishing process, the helicopter was painted, cleaned, and even had screen wiring added to it to keep out birds.

“This is a proud moment for Neosho. We’ve taken something that has been a reminder of a period of time in our country’s history, that at certain times wasn’t the most popular thing, but then our veterans that went over and served our country did what they needed to do during that time of need, this is a memorial for them” Says Clint Dalbom, Neosho Parks Director.

Dalbom adds, with the move of the helicopter, not only will it be more visible to the public, but it will be easier for the city to keep an eye on it.

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