A student run organization works to stop vape and drug use in school


A few Cherokee County teens are urging their classmates to stop vaping. 

Students at Riverton High School claim their peers are vaping during class. They say students are using vape pens like Juuls often times while the teacher is still in the class rooom with their back turned. A student run orginization called “Resist” is working to stop not only vape use, but drug use as well. They hosted a series of presentations for classmates in hopes to stop them. They’ve noticed smoking in your teens often leads to keeping the habit as you get older.

“The younger you start informing your peers, the more their going to think back on their life as they get older, like ‘hey there was a group of students in my high school that really advocated for this, maybe it’s something I should listen to because it’s going to help me in my adult life’,” says Colbie Riggs, Riverton Resist.

As far as tabacco use, in 2017 more than 30 percent of Cherokee County residents used it. And one in five pregnant women in Cherokee County smoke during their pregnancy, according to the Health and Wellness Advocates of Cherokee County.

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