Tonight we continue our focus on the opioid epidemic. And while it affects pharmacies, police and ER’s, the toll is likely greatest for the user and their loved ones.

“I was in a really bad car accident – I was hit head on at 50 mph,” says Jason Davis, opioid addict.

Something that would change Jason Davis’ life in so many ways.

“Put on 15 plus medications in the beginning anywhere from hydrocodone to tramadol,” says Davis.

It led to extensive treatment, surgeries, and ultimately permanent nerve damage requiring ongoing pain management.

“I would take every 2 -4 hours – I was prescribed the max does of 320 pills for a month. I would run out a week before it was time to refill again, sometimes two weeks,” says Davis.

At one point a state child abuse investigator, Davis cycled through a few jobs, relying on opioids for more than pain relief.

“I’d get that rush of energy. I would do a great job at everything I did. I was able to concentrate, able to drive, able to do everything normally but like an adrenaline rush all the time,” says Davis.

A deepening problem that affected his mood…

“Get at times very irritable,” says Jason Davis.

His family …

“They would become distant from me,” says Davis.

And would lead to serious withdrawal symptoms when he tried to quit on his own.

“I would be sick, nauseous not just one day but several days, headache, migraines – it was very devastating,” says Davis.

But it went from bad to worse. 

“To the point all I cared about was being at home, taking medication and then I started a drinking habit on top of that,” says Davis.

And then, last year, he ended up without health insurance.

“It was expensive paying out of pocket and I traded it for heroin and meth,” he says.

Four months of that and he’d finally had enough, checking himself in to in-patient rehab at the Adult and Teen Challenge of the Four States. Davis is off all drugs, illegal and prescription, and is planning for a future without opioids.

“Made to help us but was controlling everything I’d done in life,” says Davis.