A School District Asks for the Community’s Support on April Second


A local school district is adding a proposed tax levy to April’s ballot.
Why Bronaugh Schools are supporting  Proposition Two and the importance it has for the community.

((Nats: I feel like the board has done a good job of being good stewards of the tax dollar, but times are changing.”))

Austin Hyslip
Bronaugh R-7 schools held an informational meeting during parent teacher conferences to inform the public of a new issue that will be brought to April’s ballot.

“The proposal we have on the ballot would be an increase of about sixty seven and half cents. It would bring the levy up to 4.3025. That’s the county average.” says Jordan Dickey, Principal

Bronaugh’s current levy is the seventh lowest among area schools.
If the proposition passes on April second, the new levy would be assessed per one hundred dollars of property valuation.

“We were below the average and we just want to bring it up to the average of what the area schools are, that way we’re equal to them and that allows us to have the funding to continue the programs that we’re doing with the students here school here. I mean that’s our goal, to do as much for the students as we can.” says Bill Rainey, School Board Member

The new levy would generate ninety two thousand dollars of revenue per year that would go into the general operating fund.
The new revenue would also allocate funds to keep clubs and student organizations running, as well as, keeping classroom supplies up to date.
With more funds to keep programs affloat, the principal hopes this will attract more parents to the area and bronaugh schools.

“When people come to our school, they’re choosing to go to school here and we understand and appreciate that people can live wherever they want to live, but we want to be a school of choice and we want people to want to bring their kids to school here. When we compare ourselves to other districts, we want to be sure that we are offering everything other districts can.” adds Dickey

And school board members anticipate the community’s support in this upcoming election.

“Well we hope with this that people understand the importance of a small school in this area and the rural schools and that they’ll be onboard with continuing to help us fund the schools, so we can educate our children.” sats Rainey

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