A piece of the UK could be coming to Southeast Kansas


One resident is looking to bring the United Kingdom to the city of Galena.

Former Galena Mayor Dale Oglesby is in the process of touching up a 1920’s British telephone booth. Dale says he stumbled upon the booth in Kansas City last week and thought it would be a great addition to the Route 66 stop on Main and 7th Street. But there is plenty of work to do before it’s ready for tourists.

“We brought it here and decided to restore it and get all new paint on it and get the lighting and everything. All things fixed up. And then we talked, me and my wife, and she said well you should share this with the four states and the Route 66 travelers,” says Dale Oglesby, former Galena Mayor.

Dale hopes to get the approval from the Galena City Council Monday night so he can start planning on how he’ll get the booth the area. He is also looking into getting a working phone hooked up to the booth so tourists can make calls on it as well.

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