JOPLIN, Mo. — A new restaurant is now open for business in Joplin.

Jefferson’s – wings, burgers and oysters has only been open for a week and has already seen nearly 1,000 customers come through their doors.

The original Jefferson’s restaurant opened in Jacksonville, Alabama in 1991.

The restaurant has a second location in Lawrence, Kansas.

Now the family-friendly sports themed restaurant is planting roots in Joplin.

General Manager Rachael Dowding says while other restaurants may offer similar items on their menus, there’s something special that you’ll only find at Jefferson’s.

Rachael Dowding, General Manager, Jefferson’s, says, “We do put dollar bills on the wall. It started with the original Jefferson’s. Jeff Webb was the original owner, he opened the restaurant after he

got out of college. He sold his baseball card collection to do so and one of his friends wanted to be the first person to tip and so he signed his name on a dollar bill and put it on the wall and then

another friend did it and another friend did it, so eventually it just became a thing where they were just all over. So people come from all over and, you know, sign their name and put it up on the wall.

So we’ve already started it a little bit around here, we are eventually wanting to get it all full.”

The restaurant is located at 430 Geneva Avenue in Northpark Crossing.

Dowding says they are currently hiring for a number of positions including line cooks, servers, and hostess.

If you’d like more information on where to apply, we’ve provided a link on our website here