JOPLIN, Mo. — One of the drugs that has shown to be effective for the current type of covid strain is Paxlovid.

The anti-viral treatment is a combination of two medications taken together to lessen the severity of covid symptoms.

Dr. Rob McNab, Covid Director for the Freeman Health System says the purpose of the medication is to try and keep some members of the community from developing a serious enough case that they require hospitalization.

“People that are at the extremes of age, you know the elderly, there are going to be people that meet the criteria for not just overweight but obese. So a BMI of 30, and then if you have chronic diseases, strokes, heart attacks, vascular disease, COPD, kidney disease, liver disease,” said Dr. Rob McNab, Freeman Covid Director.

McNab says a patient must first test positive for covid in order to get a prescription for the medication which can only be written by a doctor.