A Nevada woman and Lamar man are teaming up to provide sober living


NEVADA, Mo. — Two recovery group leaders are working together to build a sober living center in Southwest Missouri.

Pamela Jones, Peace Together with Hope, said, “People go to many treatments, they don’t have any aftercare. They end up back here.”

Once a week Pamela Jones goes to the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office to educate and prevent addictive inmates from doing drugs again after being released from jail.

“It’s a family disease, it’s a community disease, and they don’t have any support, they don’t have anybody that really cares.”

She hopes her visits will give the inmates a sense of hope for a brighter future.

“It’s hard to do when this been your life so by having things that you love doing and a foundation of people that are strong that are going to support each other and when one starts to fall we pick them up, we don’t let them fall, that’s big for them.

On Facebook, Jones met Andrew Crockett — a previous addict that leads a religious support organization in Lamar called The A&O House.

Andrew Crockett said, “I’m working on 7 years of sobriety now and so that is where my passion for A&O come from was because no addict should be left behind.”

Crockett and Jones are concerned about the lack of housing for recovering addicts in Nevada and Lamar.

“As a former addict we don’t stay in the same community, we bounce from community to community.”

“We have housing, low-income housing here but it takes a long time for the paper work. We need some housing for them like immediate, when they walk out this door they should have sober housing already set up. It’s an hour away at least right now,” said Jones.

They are asking for financial assistance in building a sober home.

“They need structured and I mean structured with you know curfews, bank management, things like that, that can help them but they need a home and they need that family life.”

“Without the awareness of what addiction is without getting the stigma off addiction where looking at fighting a losing battle,”said Crockett.

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