A Nevada non-profit is making its way back to Nevada Regional Medical Center


NEVADA, MO – One non-profit is making its return to Nevada Regional Medical Center.

After a year of absence due to the pandemic, volunteers for the Nevada Regional Medical Center Auxiliary are coming back to work the gift shop and surgical waiting room.

“Naturally, our members are a little order and we were at risk. And, so we are glad to be back, mask up to work in these two stations.” Says Connie Garton, NRMC Auxiliary Volunteer.

Now that volunteers are making their return, not only will people be able to buy from the gift shop again, but they’ll get comforted support while waiting for a loved one in surgery.

“We are always pleased to be of service to our patients, and to their families, and when we man the desk back in surgical waiting, we have access to call back to surgery if the family seems to think it’s taking too long, or if the scope is taking too long.” Says Garton.

Not only are the auxiliary volunteers excited to play a vital role in the hospital again, but doctors are too.

“It’s so wonderful to have volunteers here. They just do so much for the patients, interactions with the patients, and they just make everything smoother and easier for us as medical staff to perform our job.” Says Dr. John Fox, NRMC Pediatrician.

While Dr. Fox is excited that NRMC Auxiliary is coming back, he says their absence was definitely noticed.

“It’s like they didn’t really appreciate what they were doing, and then when they were gone, it was very appreciated, like wow here’s what they’re doing to help us get along and do our jobs here.” Says Dr. Fox.

the auxiliary volunteers will start making their presence seen again on July 6th.

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