A multi-million dollar project in Joplin is half-way done


JOPLIN, MO- The new Juvenile Center under construction in downtown Joplin is over half-way done.

Judges, county commissioners and others officials got the chance to check out the new Jasper County Juvenile center firsthand.

Darieus Adams, Jasper County Commissioner says,  “There was a lot of thought and a lot of planning going into it, hope you can see that as you tour it..”

For many, it was the first chance to look inside what they’ve only seen on paper to this point.
Adams says, “You look at one side and see school and offices and that kind of setting and transition into the other side and the detention center. That side of the facility, it’s like two buildings in one.”

One space will serve as a dedicated juvenile court – providing a separate facility from those used by adults.  It’s an option that Jasper County Judge Gayle Crane is looking forward to.  She says, “This facility offers us opportunities to do our jobs, We didn’t have before so we’re very excited about it.” 

The walking tour covers everything from educational spaces to detention facilities – and the goal isn’t just to take care of issues in 2019.

Jude Crane added, “You need to design it for 50 or more years, that’s what this was built for.”   And for Crane – that’s a vision she can now see taking shape.  “Sheetrock’s going up, you’re able to see the flow and how things are going. So I thought it was wonderful.””

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