A much awaited MLB game is finally getting to happen in Iowa


DYERSVILLE, IA – In tonight’s dose of good news… We’re just more than a month out from much awaited major league baseball game at the field of dreams movie site in Iowa.

The game was supposed to be last August but, like with so much else, the pandemic took it out.

A game that’s been a long time coming.

“I’ll never forget that, that day where we got that phone call that we kinda knew was coming last year with a postponement of the game.” Says Roman Weinberg, Director of Operations.

But now, with just more than a month away from the Yankees and the White Sox taking center stage, director of operations Roman Weinberg says preparations are running smoothly.

“A lot of the infrastructure, a lot of those internal conversations, all the preparation was done last year since the game was only nixed a week prior to the game.” Says Weinberg.

Something that has also stayed, and even built up, over the past year is the anticipation for the game.

“When are tickets available. And our answer is as of now there are no tickets available so bear with us out there.” Says Weinberg.

The temporary ballpark will seat around eight thousand people, but the Dyersville Area Chamber of Commerce is expecting a lot more people than that will roll into town.

“That’s probably the number one question it that the community has is how many people to expect. People are calling the chamber office wanting to make vacation plans and a lot of them are coming regardless if they get MLB tickets or not.” Says Karla Thompson, Dyersville Chamber of Commerce Executive Director.

Because many probably won’t be able to get inside the park for the game, city leaders want to make sure everyone gets to experience the thrill of bringing the MLB to eastern Iowa.

“Our two day community event is called Beyond the Game. It’s going to be just a wide variety of things that kind of represent Iowa. So if someone from New York who has never been to Iowa before they can go through this area and kind of get a feel for what Iowa has to offer. ” Says Thompson.

The festival will feature renowned country music artists, local businesses and will host the game’s official viewing party.

Something fitting for Iowa’s first ever MLB game.

“Well look at that behind me. This is holy grounds of baseball. The fact that it’s held here it’s fitting to say the least for the first ever regular season game in the state of Iowa.” Says Weinberg.

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