A man from North Carolina realized how great of an artistic talent he has


ASHEBORO, NC – In tonight’s dose of good news… Just a few years ago, a North Carolina man learned he could do some amazing things with a pencil and some paper.

Now his newfound talent is opening doors for him he never though possible.

“Most people you’ll see them doing paintings and cartoon characters you don’t really find to many portrait artists,” Says Marcus Lowery.

For Lowery, this came naturally.

“I didn’t know I could really do this until two years ago, that’s when I got noticed.” Lowery says.

It didn’t take long for his pencil sketch drawings to grow from this to this.

“I don’t know where portraits came from, but I’m thankful that I got this talent.” Lowery says.

But what to do with your newfound talent…

He turned to his faith and the inspiration in the next room over.

“I want to be able make my son happy… I just didn’t know what I was going to do and so one day I prayed and I was like God show me what you want me to do… and then little did I know I started getting paid for my art and then look where it’s got me.” Lowery says.

His work, now helps people celebrate life, and heal from loss.

“Like I said, I’ve done lots of portraits where I’ll add in the family member who passed away in with a cousin or child that the person was never able to meet so I brought them peace” Lowery says.

We all have a calling, Lowery is answering his.

“It motivates me even more having my fiancé and my son standing behind me that’s what really motivates me because I want my son to look back on his dad and just be like you know my dad he did something with his life and didn’t give up on his dreams. I believe everyone has talent. God didn’t put you on earth for no reason.” Lowery says.

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