A look at what’s on the Mt. Vernon School District bond question


The April election is still several weeks away, but volunteers in a Southwest Missouri school district say it’s never too early to get the word out about what’s on the ballot.

Lisa Rogers says the needs in the Mt. Vernon School District may not be obvious…

“A lot of times we don’t see the initial problems, but they’re there,” says Lisa Rogers, President, Mt. Vernon PTA.

But her close connection to the district have made them clear to her.

“My kids are in the school, so I’m just constantly aware of it, and that’s what drew me to it,” says Lisa Rogers.

Superintendent Scott Cook says a school bond question on the April ballot, also known as “Proposition Mt’neer Strong” is aimed at several items, including delayed maintenance to several buildings.

“We need roof repairs at four different campuses, we have electrical systems that really were designed for a different kind of education,” says Scott Cook.

Cook says if approved, the ten million dollar bond would also provide space for expanding early childhood education.

“We’re serving fifty to sixty kids right now in our early childhood program, but we have huge waiting lists,” says Cook.

And it would allow for a centralized facility for district-level staff.

“Hopefully this will be an opportunity to bring us all under one roof without having to have any new construction to do that,” says Cook.

Cook says the proposal would raise property taxes by roughly $5 dollars a month on a home with an assessed value of $100 thousand dollars.

“We don’t take that lightly, you know, our board has not asked for a tax increase, again, since the late 90’s, and that’s how important we think these issues are,” says Cook.

Cook says this is about protecting what the district has, and saving money in the long run.

“These are not brand new, extravagant projects, these are to help us protect the buildings that we have,” says Scott Cook.

Lisa, who along with having kids in the district is also the PTA president, says over the next few weeks, she and other volunteers will be working to answer questions about the need for the bond.

“I think everybody’s just trying to really get it out there by word of mouth, by social media, and then we’ll start doing the forums as well,” says Lisa Rogers.

Those forums are scheduled for March 5th and 19th.

You can learn more about the Mt. Vernon School bond question through a link we’ve provided here.

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