JOPLIN, Mo. — A whole lot of numbers were discussed Tuesday night at the Joplin City Hall.

Tuesday night was the first of 3 work sessions involving the next fiscal year’s budget.

The total amount is close to $150 million.

The bulk of it is allocated to the city’s police and fire departments as a result of “Proposition Public Safety” failing in August.

The budget for police is currently $9.2 million.

For fire, it’s a little more than $7 million.

City officials made a point to explain that the most recent changes to the Joplin Police Department – the almost 12% increase in wages for officers, as well as additional benefits for spouses and dependents of officers lost in the line of duty – is not included in this budget.

Other departments could see changes over the next couple of nights.

“And I’m expecting to do the same for the fire department. There are other wage issues to address for general employees and that will be proposed in the budget,” said Nick Edwards, the City Manager of Joplin.

“That’s going to be what will change, really, between the proposed and the adopted, there may be a few other things – there are some, several topics on issues and options,” said Leslie Haase, the Finance Director of Joplin.

The last work session is set for Thursday night.

City council is expected to adopt the budget on October 17th.

It goes into effect on November 1st.